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Dr. Shanna Zhang

  • Over 36 years of hospital and clinic experience in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine;
  • MD in Oriental Medicine from China;
  • Ph D in Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine from China;
  • Nationally Certified in Acupuncture;
  • Missouri Licensed Acupuncturist; An Oriental Medical Doctor;
  • Practice including Internship, Medical Residency, Medical Fellowship, and Attending physician positions;
  • 11 years of high quality academic education and training in both Chinese Medicine and Western Medicine;
  • 7 years acupuncture-related clinical research;
  • 6 years acupuncture-related laboratory research;
  • 8 years of Neuroscience research in Washington University Medical School;
  • Published over 19 of clinical and research articles in Chinese and English;
  • Awarded with Excellent Ph D Thesis Award for outstanding achievement;
  • Awarded with Excellent National Medicine Research Award in China;
  • A member of the American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM);
  • A member of the Acupuncture Association of Missouri (AAM);
  • A member of Acupuncture Committee in China;
  • A member of Qigong Committee in China;
  • An expert in Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine.

Shanna(Xuezhao) Zhang OMD, Ph D
Contact: (314) 600-3144

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  • 11 years of Medical Doctoral Academic education in Traditional Chinese Medicine.
  • 6 years of laboratory Acupuncture research.
  • 7 years of clinical Acupuncture research.
  • 8 years Neuroscience research in Washington Univercity Medical School in St Louis.
  • 24 years of Acupuncture and Herbal clinic practice.
  • 19 of peer-reviewed clinical and research papers in Chinese and English.


  • Acupuncture License #2008012462, Missouri State.


  • National Commission for the Certification of Acupuncturists, board certified 2007.

Education and training

  • Research Assistant in Washington University-2006-2010
  • Postdoctoral training in Washington University-2003-2006
  • Ph D in Acupuncture and TCM-1999-2002
  • Master Degree in Acupuncture and TCM-1996-1999
  • Attending physician in department of acupuncture and Chinese medicine 1993-1996
  • Specialty training in herbal medicine and acupuncture1992-1993
  • Medical residency including western medicine and OMD 1987-1993
  • General MD and OMD and acupuncture internership-1986-1987
  • OMD- Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) Degree-1981-1986

Clinical Experiences

  • Herbalist and Acupuncturist: (2006-present)
    • Practice at Authentic Oriental Healthcare Center, LLC (2010-present)
    • Practice at Oriental Ginseng and Gifts Co. in St Louis(2006-2010)
    • Practice at Southside Health Center in St Louis(2008-2010)
  • Part-time Acupuncture Residency: (8/1/1996-6/27/1999)
    • Department of Acupuncturist in GuiYang Medical College, P.R. China
  • Attending Physician: (3/1/93-7/30/96)
    • Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture subdivition. The People ' Hospital at Anshun, P.R. China
  • Specialty training in Herb: (11/1/1992-1/1/1993)
    • Chinese Medicine Hospital in Beijing
  • Specialty training in acupuncture (2/15/92-10/30/92)
    • Two-hand Pricking needle skill in ShanDong University, P.R. China
  • Medical Residency (8/4/1987-3/1/1993)
    • Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Acupuncture subdivition, the First People's Hospital, AnShun City, P.R. China.
  • General Medicine and Acupuncture Internship (8/5/1986-8/4/1987)
    • Department of Traditional Chinese Medicine, the First People's Hospital, AnShun City, P.R. China.
  • Internship for Herb (6/1-8/4/1986)
    • Department of Herb, the First People's Hospital, AnShun City, P.R. China.

Clinical specialty

  • Neurological illnesses; Skin disorders; women's problems; Immune disorders


  • 2002, Ministry of Health, P.R. China, Excellent National Medical Research Award
  • 2002, HuBei College of TCM Excellent Ph.D. Thesis Award for outstanding achievement

Teaching Experience

  • 3/16/1993-5/30/1996 Undergraduate clinical acupuncture program, GuiYang Medical College.
  • 6/3/1997-1/30/1998 Undergraduate medicine program, GuiYang Medical College

Research Grant support

  • Government Research Foundation (GuiZhou Province) 2001-03
  • Ministry of Education Foundation (GuiZhou) 2000-02

Professional Society Memberships

  • American Association of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine (AAAOM)
  • Acupuncture Association of Missouri
  • Acupuncture Committee of China
  • QiGong Committee of China

Invited speaker

  • Acupuncture in pain management Educate future Nurse Practitioners and Nurse Educators of University of Missouri in St. Louis' Master of Science in Nursing degree program. 2014.
  • The primary analysis of the mechanism of treating vascular dementia rats using acupuncture National acupuncture annual meeting, GuiYang, 2002.
  • How to take care yourself using tranditional Chinese Medicine and Massage St. Louis Christian Chinese Community Sevice Center in St. Louis, 2007.
  • Clinical observation of treating pediatric asthma using acupuncture National acupuncture annual meeting, QuenMing, 1989.
  • Clinical observation of treating facial nerve paralysis Special acupuncture meeting, GuiLing, P.R. China, 1987.

Peer-reviewed publications

  1. Brambrink AM, Evers AS, Avidan MS, Farber NB, Smith DJ, Xuezhao Zhang, Dissen GA, Creeley CE, Olney JW. Isoflurane-induced neuroapoptosis in the neonatal rhesus macaque brain. Anesthesiology. 2010 Apr;112(4):834-41
  2. Y. Kang*, Xuezhao Zhang*, F. A. Dobie, H. Wu, A. Craig. Induction of GABAergic postsynaptic differentiation by alpha-neurexin. J Biol Chem. 2008 Jan 25;283(4):2323-34. (*Both authors contributed equally to this work)
  3. Fernanda L., Timothy J. W., Sunitha S., Francoise C., Xue Zhao Zhang, et al. KRIP6: a novel BTB/kelch protein regulating function of kainite receptors. Mol Cell Neurosci. 2007 Apr;34(4):539-50.
  4. Ethan R. Graf, Xuezhao Zhang, Shan-xue Jin, Michael W. Linhoff, and Ann Marie Craig. Neurexins Induce Differentiation of Glutamate and GABA Postsynaptic Specializations via Neuroligins-1 and -2. Cell, 2004 Dec 29;119(7):1013-26
  5. Zhang Xuezhao, Sun Guojie. Isolation of differentially expressed cDNAs from the hippocampus of rats with vascular dementia by RNA fingerprinting. Chinese Journal of Geriatrics. 2003, 22 (3), 169-171
  6. Zhang Xuezhao, Sun Guojie. Effections of Acupuncture on the Rat of Trainsient Focal Brain Ischemia and Reperfusion and the Brain-derived Neurotrophic Factor mRNA. Chinses Journal of Neuroimmunology and Neurology. 2004, 11 (2), 98-101.
  7. Zhang Xuezhao, Sun Guojie. Comparison of three kinds of the differential display technigues. Chinese Acupuncture & Moxibustion. 2001,21(11):691-694
  8. Zhang Xuezhao, Lv Mingzhuang, He Zhiguang, et al. Effect on Auricular needling on memory and expression of apoptosis-related proteins in hippocampus in Rats of vascular dementia. Chinses Acupuncture & Moxibustion. 2001,21(8):499-500
  9. Zhang Xuezhao, Xiao Maolei, Cai Wenqing, et al. The relationship between hypomnesia and expression of neuronal nitric oxide synthase in hippocampus in vascular dementia rats. Chinese Journal of Anatomy. 2001,24(4):340-342
  10. Zhang Xuezhao, Lu Mingzhuang, He Zhiguang, et al. Effects of acupuncture on deficit of memory function and expression of c-fos mRNA and protein in vascular dementia rats. Chinese Journal of Rehabilitation Medicine. 2001, 16(2):74-76
  11. Zhang Xuezhao, Xiao Maolei, Sun Guojie. Correlation between auricular acupuncture improvement deficit of memory function and expression of bcl-2 protein in vascular dementia rats. Acupuncture Research. 2001,(2):106-109
  12. Zhang Xuezhao, Xiao Maolei, Sun Guojie, et al. The Improvement of Memory of Vascular Dementia Rats by Ear-acupuncture and Its Relationship with the Expression of nNOS. Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of Shanghai (in Chinese). 2001, 19(1):39-41; Journal of Acupuncture and Moxibustion of Shanghai (in English). 2001,1:73-76
  13. Xiao Maolei, Cai Wenqin, Li Chengren, Jiang Naichang, Zhang Xuezhao. Location of Heme Oxygenase-1 Protein in Central Nervous System of znormal Adult Rat. Journal of Guiyang Medicine College. 2001,26(6):474-478
  14. Zhang Xuezhao, Xiao Maolei, Sun Guojie. The Expression of c-fos in the Hippocampus and Relationship between Auricular Acupuncture Treatment and the Cognitive Enhancing in Vascular Dementia. Journal of Clinical Acupuncture and Moxibustion. 2000,16(12): 34-36
  15. Zhang Xuezhao, Xiao Maolei, Sun Guojie. Development of Studies on Acupuncture treating Vascular Dementia and its mechanism. ACTA Medicine Sinica. 2000, 13(4): 256-258
  16. Zhao Jiaohai, Hu Xiaoxia, Cai Fuping, Zhang Xuezhao. Treatment of urinary lithiasis with acupuncture and inject vitamin K3 after electromagnetism. Medicine and pharmacy of Guizhou. 1991,15(3):163-164
  17. Zhang Xuezhao. Auricular acupuncture treat hiccup. Journal of TCM of Zejiang.1990,25(3):136
  18. Zhang Xuezhao. Observations effect of auricular acupuncture help weight-loss with 30 patients. Journal of TCM of Zejiang. 1989,4:34
  19. The surgeon region of the black skin cancer. Bulletin of Chinese Cancer 1993, 2(9): 31. (translated from English to Chinese)


  • During Ph D study, isolation and characterization of novel genes and expression of relational genes with learning and memory in the hippocampus of vascular dementia (VD) rats after acupuncture. It resulted in the identification of seven novel ESTs(expression sequence tags) in VD rat by RNA finger-printing PCR with northern blot and RT-PCR. The sequences were submitted to GenBank (Accession Number: BG937392, BG937393, BG937394, BG937395, BG937396, BG937397, BG937398.)

Dr. Shanna Zhang – Licensed Acupuncturist & Chinese Medical Doctor
Expert in Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in St. Louis

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