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At Authentic Oriental Healthcare Center-Acupuncture and Chinese Herbal Medicine in St. Louis, Shanna integrates acupuncture,herbs, massage therapy, supplements, exercise and meditation to successfully treat a wide range of diseases. Below are the different modalities of acupuncture and Chinese medicine she frequently uses.

  • Medical Acupuncture (医学针灸)
  • Auricular Acupuncture (耳针)
  • Cupping (拔罐)
  • Acupressure (指压按摩)
  • Trigger point therapy (触发点治疗)
  • Electro-Stimulation Acupuncture(电刺激针灸)
  • Massage or Asian Bodywork (按摩)
  • Scalp Acupuncture (头针)
  • Moxibustion (艾灸)
  • Chinese Herbal Treatment (中药治疗)
  • Gua Sha (Scraping therapy) (刮痧)
  • Infrared (heat) therapy (红外治疗)

At our office we are dedicated to offering the best holistic care to our patients. With that in mind we took the time to specialize in following areas:

  • Fertility, Weight Loss, Allergies
  • All types of pain concerns (back, neck, shoulders, tennis elbow, sciatica)
  • Headaches & migraines
  • Muscle spasms, sprains, & strains
  • Gastrointestinal Problems (IBS, constipation, diarrhea, bloating)
  • Common cold symptoms (sneezing, congestion, foggy headed)
  • Emotional and Sleep Issues (Anxiety, Depression, Insomnia, Chronic Fatigue)

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Acupuncture and Chinese Medicine: Path to Peace

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