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Multiple Myeloma

I am a 52 year old male and was diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2003, an incurable disease by western standards.

After 26 month cycles of chemo and 2 bone marrow transplants my cancer was still “smoldering”. My doctor concluded it would return and there was nothing I could do to prevent it. I refused to believe that changes in my diet or alternative medicine could not slow down the progression of this disease. I met with Dr. Shanna and we discussed herbal methods for boosting the immune system and fighting cancer cells.

I have been drinking herbal teas and meeting with Dr. Shanna for 14 months and tracking my blood cell counts and protein level. The growth of the myeloma cells has slowed down and dropped to immeasurable levels. My energy level is high and my overall health is very good.

Dr. Shanna is very skilled at integrating oriental medicine in conjunction with results of blood tests from western doctors. I am very fortunate to have found Dr. Shanna and benefited from her experience, diligence, knowledge, and passion for oriental medicine and her patients.

Thank you!

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