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Student from German

My name is Grit Wallek. I am a fifth-year medical student from Germany, The United States and Germany are very similar in trusting the Western approach to medicine. Nonetheless I am very interested in Traditional Chinese medicine and the Oriental approach to helping people.

So I decided to spend my summer in St. Louis shadowing a Chinese Acupuncturist. I contacted several places to complete my observation. I was very fortunate in finding Dr. Shanna and am honored that she allowed me to observe her.

I got the chance to observe her for five weeks. In those five weeks, I learned a lot and saw a lot of different cases. Some of the illnesses/conditions she treated were sciatica, headaches, depression, joint pains, back pains, sexual dysfunctions, and paraplegia. It was amazing to see how Dr. Shanna was able to help her patients find relief - even though some of the cases were so severe that I was doubtful that acupuncture could improve their conditions.

Dr. Shanna is a great Doctor. She is very open-minded, friendly and her main focus is on helping her patients get better. I am impressed with the way she addresses every patients’ needs and does not only focus on their diagnoses. Dr. Shanna does a great job incorporating Western medicine and ensures that the patient does not have an undiagnosed underlying condition.

I am very grateful for the time with Dr. Shanna and the knowledge she has shared.

Grit Walllek

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