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I am a 72 years old woman who was diagnosed with cervical dystonia. I was told there is no cure for this. My head keeps turning to the side and is very, very painful so much so that I couldn't cook, clean or do anything. I tried several times and ended up laying flat on the floor, it was so bad.

I have been treated the following: 7 rounds of Botox shots to no avail, Went to 2 pain management groups to no avail, Had 8 painful shots, And had 4 rounds (3 months each) of physical therapy. None of which helped me. I was so miserable that I thought of taking my own life. I decided to check into acupuncture and found Shanna.

She gave me my life back after a few treatment of acupuncture. I'm not completely cured but I'm able to do most of the things I use to. I have to rest in between chores, but then I can get up and start again. I would recommend acupuncture to anyone.

I also get lower back pain once in a while and acupuncture took my pain away. Every once in a while I'll get it again after doing some household chores. I get my treatment on my lower back and that takes it away.

If you are not being helped with your regular medical treatment I would highly recommend trying acupuncture with Shanna. She truly cares about you and so wants to help you. I truly love her (I'm no relative).

Kay Burke

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