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Pain and Ankylosis Spondylitis

I am 61 year old male who suffers from Ankylosis Spondylitis of the whole spine from neck down to my tail bone. This condition has caused me to be in constant pain with limitation of movements and lack of flexibility of the whole spine. My posture was that of an old man who had trouble raising his head to see properly.

Dr. Shanna Zhang has been taking care of me for last 18 months with combination of herbs, acupuncture and cupping technique which has given me such impressive results that even my orthopedic doctor is impressed with the results. My pain is about 80% less, my flexibility of the spine has improved by 70% and my body posture is lot more acceptable. I am very grateful to Dr. Shanna for giving me so much relief from pain and sufferings. I have full confidence in her clinical judgment, her impressive experience from China, Her multiple degrees in Oriental and Western medicine but over all her kind and pleasant disposition which makes any patient relax and open up to her treatment.

Thank you again Dr. Shanna for making life better.

Sincerely, LKA

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